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Yann Chatelin - Poze

Yann Chatelin - Poze



Born in Calais in 1980, Yann Chatelin has been living and working in Morocco for 14 years now. He discovered drawing at the age of 15, inspired by graffiti which he practiced intensively for 10 years.

From graffiti came his love for calligraphy, for the alphabets of the world, real or imaginary. With Indian ink, acrylic or spray paint, all the tools he uses are used to sublimate handwriting, between bindings and unbindings, fractures and graphics, repetitions and entanglements. The letter, the word, the sentence, vectors of meaning, of knowledge, supports of collective and individual memory, are at the center of Yann Chatelin's work. His calligraphic creations invade canvases and walls from Casablanca to Kathmandu.

From his work on writing, he leads in his more recent works a reflection on the disappearance of handwriting in favor of digital writing. The latter, disconnected from the cursive gesture on paper, is for him a simple binary trace of the movement of fingers on a keyboard. A technology that replaces individual reflection and creativity. According to Yann Chatelin, the digitalization of the written word prepares the disappearance of both individuality and diversity. While each handwritten text is unique, like a fingerprint, mirroring the personality of its author, the numerical keyboard standardizes and dehumanizes texts, letters, sweet words... This is how in his works the characters are erased, liquefied, vectorized, disappear. Metaphor of this progressive disappearance of individuality in a more and more technological daily life. In contrast, calligraphy is always very careful, very marked, to show its importance and persistence. Strong, contrasting and always hand-drawn graphics.

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