Much more than a delightful idea.

Art For Humans is a game changer, already making positive differences in people's live.

Our virtuous circle

We create a unique non-zero sum game through art and charity.

In a few words, we redefine, broaden and streamline the art donation virtuous circle.

This sounds too good to be true? Yet, this is real! Indeed, this concept was born based on our founder personal experience, both as a photographer and a charity board member.

Here is an illustration of our non-zero-sum game.

Virtuous circle

How it works

How it works

Frequently asked questions

What is A4H vision?

We want to become the world vitrine for engaged art and to generate an endless source of revenues for charities.

What is A4H mission?

We bring artists, charities and art lovers together to enhance their voice and to brighten the world, through a unique virtuous circle.

Why does A4H take a percentage of the transaction?

A4H is designed to be self-sustainable, in order not to depend only on donations or on grants to operate. By contrast, we focus on increasing the benefits we offer to the society.

Why 5% specifically?

This amount is required to cover the operational costs involved, as well as the processing fees, without which Art For Humans could not exist. It is important to specify that all our efforts are solely dedicated to achieving our social goal.

Where goes the money if you make some surpluses?

We will reinvest all surpluses in expanding and improving our organization, in order to reach more people, and can expand worldwide.

Why do you consider yourself as a social business if you are a charity?

We put today’s most powered technologies, and combine our business acumen with the avowed social purpose of government, in order to produce shared benefits that neither sector has produced before.

I submitted an artwork to A4H. Will I receive an official tax receipt?

We are a registered charity. If your artwork is being purchased, then you will automatically receive a tax receipt from us at the time of the delivery, reflecting the value of your artwork.

When will I receive the tax receipt?

As soon as the art piece is delivered, you will receive an automatic tax receipt from Art For Humans, reflecting the value of your artwork.

I am an artist and I would like to give some of my artworks, how do I proceed?

We are excited to discover your gifts! It is a very simplified two steps process. You simply need to click on this link and follow the instructions. Thank you so much!

Who selects the artwork?

A submission process is in place to ensure that all selected art pieces are in line with our mission.

How are selected the featured art pieces?

The featured art pieces are selected based on the amount of money they were able to raise in a given month.

Where does go my money go when I buy an artwork through A4H?

There are no hidden fees. 95% of the purchase goes directly to the charity of your choice and 5% goes to A4H to cover operational expenses.

If I buy an artwork, am I eligible to receive a tax receipt?

Individual buyers do not qualify for tax receipts because they get something out of their donation. However, by buying an artwork, you give directly to the charity of your choice, as well as to the artist who receives a tax receipt, and you can enjoy a unique artwork.

If I buy an artwork, will I receive a confirmation that my money has been transferred to the chosen charity?

Absolutely. Complete transparency is one of our core values shared with of all charities that are part of the Art For Humans family.

Once I buy an artwork, how and when will it be delivered?

We partner with high end delivery services. You will receive a confirmation email as well as an option to track the delivery of your item along the process.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

Shipping costs are indicated on each artwork's description page. Those costs are calculated based on the shipping destination as well as the weight and size of your artwork.

I am a company. How can I support Art For Humans?

There are many ways to do so.

- You can obviously buy artworks from our inventory, and we will receive 5% of the transaction. As a company, you will receive a tax receipt in exchange of this purchase (more info here).

- You can also make a direct donation by clicking here.

- Finally, you can spread the word.

I am a charity. How do I join Art For Humans?

You dreamt of a incremental and effortless source of revenues for your charity? We made it seamless for any registered charity to benefit from our unique virtuous circle. We have no boundaries and love to expand our family!

If you meet this criteria, please get in touch with us, and we are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the family.

I am interested in helping Art For Humans?

We are always looking for people who want to bring their creativity, networking skills, technological prowess, life experience, and other skill-set. Come join the family!

I want to invest in Art For Humans, what will I get in return?

Since we are a charity, our investors aim to help others without doing any financial gain in return. You will invest in Art For Humans just to share the joy of making a difference in other people’s lives.

I want to donate for Art For Humans, how do I proceed?

First of all, thank you very much. We are glad that you want to help us growing and doing some more good to the society. Please follow this path. Thank you so much!

I want to work for Art For Humans, how do I proceed?

You can start by having a look at our job openings in the career section. If none of them match your profile or if you think you have a different skillset that could be valuable for us, please send a curriculum and a cover letter that explains why we should get you on onboard.